Sat 10 Sep 2022
Tries: F Ginot, C WeibelConversions: S MeyerPenalties: S Meyer
Zug vs KN/SG

Zug vs KN/SG

Daniel Llano11 Sep 2022 - 10:31
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Successful start of the season is sealed with a promising season ahead

Last Saturday, a fabulous day started for players of entente Konstanz and St Gallen Rugby club traveling to the beautiful Baar, municipality of Zug. 19 players are fit and ready to show some skills and seal a good start of the season 2022/2023.

The game alternates periods of balanced fights, first 20' of first half and last 20' of second half.
At the beginning KN/SG presents a very dynamic game, being able to play all structures and organization that we have been training for the last years. Being all players in the field very active and able to play all field wide and deep.

After a good 20' period, KN/SG show traces of low fitness levels, which must be addressed in the trainings during the rest of the season, but always maintaining high spirit and spice in the blood. The home team, Zug, is able to break the defense line and placing themselves above in the score panel. During this middle period of the game, KN/SG game seems overcomplicated.

In the last period of the game, the most experienced players are able to steer the game into the basics and simple rugby. A more dynamic stile, that the audience is grateful for, the gap on distance and quality of rugby is tightened to the opposition, if not superior. The score was settled during the middle of the game though, due to the harsh reality that rugby games last 80'.

Gleams of leadership, deeper understanding and purpose of the game is visible on younger players and "old dogs".
Special mention for Mr. President Weibel (Man of the match) , organizing lineouts and forward attack.

Emergent features out of serendipity were prominent. KN/SG has got pace on the back line, with strong and experienced wings and multi-role centers. Heavy duty forwards on the back row were instrumental for the structure of the game. The coaching team will a great and sweet challenge on how to polish these features into competitive and effective advantages.

Final Score 39 - 15
Zug: 7x Zug with 2 conversions;
KN/SG: Felix & Colin with 1 conversion and 1 penalty
(or something like that…)

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Sat 10 Sep 2022


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